MTS Farming


The sheep, beef and dairy farming and forestry operations of the NMMPT are managed under the

divisional arm of Maniapoto Trades and Services. 

MTS was established to provide a resource base and commercial avenue for the Trust and also to

improve additional opportunities for the other "Not for Profit" enterprises the Trust is

heavily involved in such as: - Education and Training Services, Health Services and Social Services.


Although the farms and forestry blocks that the Trust owns are operated as commercial operations,

it is important to keep in mind the important secondary objectives of - financially supplementing

the Not for Profit activities that the Trust is involved in and to provide physical resources that support

these activities.


Therefore, both the farming and forestry operations must ensure the Annual Programme intrinsically

interweaves the needs of Maniapoto Training Agency and Maniapoto Community Services into the day

to day activities and tasks for the properties.  It is expected this can be successfully achieved while still

maintaining a profitable commercial focus.



183 Kokokoroa Road, Waitomo (Sheep and Beef - K1 Farm)

AREA:                                      173 hectares

PASTURE:                                  94 hectares

PLANTATION FORESTRY:             55 hectares - Radiata Pine

NATIVE BUSH:                           40 hectares - Retired

PURCHASED:                             1 July 2001





    Beau Edwards (Agriculture Tutor) sharing some

   humour with some of his Learners while docking

               lambs at the K2 Farm yards


279 Kokokoroa Road, Waitomo (Sheep & Beef - K2 Farm)

AREA:                                        370 hectares

PASTURE:                                   230 ha good, 65 ha rough

PLANTATION FORESTRY:                35 hectares

NATIVE BUSH:                               40 hectares - Retired

PURCHASED:                              1 July 2002




  Highly respected Kaumatua from Mirumiru Marae and

      former trustee for the Trust overlooking the

                   facilities on the K3 Farm


1403 Te Anga Road, Waitomo (Sheep & Beef - K3 Farm)

AREA:                                        215 hectares      

PASTURE:                                  175 hectares

PLANTATION FORESTRY:                5 hectares

NATIVE BUSH:                            32 hectares

PURCHASED:                             1 April 2007




 24 Irvine Road, Otorohanga (Dairy Unit - D1)

AREA:   Approximately 68 hectacres

8 hectares in mature (20 years) Radiata Pine and Lawsoniana

8 hectares of sidling's, rough grazing

52 hectares makes up the milking platform.  The farm is well set out, with substantial

plantings of forestry woodlots (pine, lucitanica and ornamental trees).  It is 10kms from

Otorohanga township via Mangawhero Road predominantly a Holstein Friesian herd.

PURCHASED: 1 June 2015