MTS Forestry


The Trust owns 200 heactres of exotic pine forest of varying ages from 1 year to 20 year trees.

Our Forestry Training Programmes are responsible for the Maintenance and Management Plan

that ensures the forest will provide good quality sawn logs for the future use of the Trust's

development projects.



Ramaroa Road - Forestry Block (F1)

AREA:       123 hectares

Plantation Forestry - Radiata Pine (approx. 100 hectares)

Purchased: 1 May 1998



Farm Properties

The Trust has established woodlots on all of the sheep, beef and dairy farm that are owned by the

Trust.  With 10 hectares being planted each year the Trust has a harvest cycle of 20 years and will

begin the harvesting programme in the next few years.  The forestry programme has been

a significant part of the strategy to build a key renewable resource for Maniapoto that can create

economic opportunities and sustainability for the Trust well into the future.