Our History


In the late 1970’s there was a historical turning point for Maniapoto.  The “idea” of the Ngati
Maniapoto Marae Pact Trust was the beginning of a renaissance for Maniapoto whanau.  From the time
when european settlement and european land acquisition within Maniapoto began; and up to the mid
1970’s Maniapoto identity and mana was in decline.
Maniapoto whanau and their Marae was the centre of their community infrastructure and with the impact of
colonisation and urbanistion it was clear Maniapoto identify, tikanga and kawa was in danger of being over
shadowed and lost unless there was a proactive effort to rebuild it.


In the late 1970’s a group of Maniapoto whanau including leaders of the time  such as – Morehu Te Whare,
Kingi Hetet, Koro Wetere, Daniel Te Kanawa started a movement to establish a marae based whanau
collective that would rekindle whanau connectedness to their Maniapoto marae.


The Ngati Maniapoto Marae Pact Trust (NMMPT) became a co-operative venture of Maniapoto marae in 1980,
primarily as a fund raising initiative to provide funds for marae development and maintenance.  PACT is an
anagram for Personal Annual Contribution Target.
The original idea was to receive contributions from whanau for this purpose.  In 1981 the group established
itself as a charitable trust and in 1986 broadened its activities to provide support to whanau in structured
training and education programmes working on marae projects.  Maniapoto Training Agency (MTA) now a
New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) registered and accredited education provider is the result of
this development.
The Trust also recognised the need to support whanau by providing additional health, social and welfare
services in local communities.  In 1992 a division now known as Maniapoto Community Services (MCS) was
established to provide these services to our people.


The Trust has also worked hard and grown the resource capacity of the Trust making strategic investments in farming, forestry and commercial property, all of which directly contribute to the much needed sustainable

resourcing of services of the Trust.


The journey and events that have supported Maniapoto whanau to establish their very strong community based support system is a story longing to be told and must be preserved to provide ownership of an “idea” that enabled Maniapoto to shrug off the negative impacts of european settlement and embrace the positives by establishing themselves as equal participants, partners and contributors to community development within Maniapoto.


In November 2006, the Trust celebrated it's 25 years.


In November 2016, the Trust celebrated it's 35 year journey with the launching of their book known as

"Whanake Ake" - 35 years and the opening of the Maniapoto Cultural and Education Centre at the K3 Farm

that is located at 1403 Te Anga Road, Waitomo Caves.