Our Logo's

The Ngati Maniapoto Marae Pact Trust Logo



The triangle represents strength and unity and is encapsulated in the words of the dying ancestor

Maniapoto to his people. "Stick to that, the straight flying Cormorant".  And at the centre is the

Marae Society which is the very essence of Maori.  This is the Logo of the Trust and Board of

Trustees, signifying a united group of marae working together for the common good of one another.




The Maniapoto Training Agency Logo



The three birds represent: (The birds are kawau or cormorants)


     * Our cultural well being
     * Our social well being
     * Our economic well being

     • The poutama (step) pattern traditionally represent the stages of learning
     • The circle depicts our world with the koru surround depicting our social background
     • The space between the two koru depicts the opportunities which we must pursue.


The three birds depict the Whakatauki of Maniapoto


     "Kia mau ki tena, Kai mau ki te kawau maro"


Hold fast to that, hold fast to the swoop of the cormorant (kawau)

This is translated as :-"Our future well being and destiny will be determined by the

strength of our commitment to stand together united in spirit, mind and purpose.


The Vision:

To nurture an enthusiasm for learning in order to contribute effectively

in our communities.




The Maniapoto Community Services Logo



"Kia mau ki tena, kia mau ki te Kawau maro."

Our future well being and destiny will be determined by the strength of our commitment to standard

together united in spirit, mind and purpose.  The "Bird" (Kotuku) surrounded by the people of

Ngati Maniapoto guiding itself and guiding the people to a purposeful and prosperous future.




The 25 Year Celebrations NMMPT Logo

This Logo was designed for our 25 year celebrations and sets out the vision of the Trust with the

Marae being central to all whanau support and well being. To all that we do and all that we are as

Maniapoto whanau/hapu/iwi our mana our cultural identity surrounding the marae are the key

contributors to realising our potential. Education MTA, Social and Health MCS, Economic

Development MTS.




The Maniapoto Trades and Services Logo






The circle depicts unity and strength (manaakitanga) with the koru design signify collective effort

and enterprise.  By drawing together the potential of people and providing them with the physical

resources with which to work and support one another, whanau and  their co operative enterprises 

will flourish.