Maniapoto Community Services (MCS)

In 1993 the Community Services Division of the Trust became a reality with the appointment of an Iwi Social Worker.  In 1994, a further appointment was made with a Child Care & Protection Worker and in 1995 the team was expanded to include a Mental Health Worker and a Community Health Worker.  The workload has continued to increase for this area of the Trust's work and we have seen many innovative and reward initiatives being provided by the Community Services Division.


 Role of the Maniapoto Community Services

The Maniapoto Community Services is made up of qualified and experienced team of health, welfare and social workers who have a committment to ensuring children and families have access to the services that are essential if we are to enjoy a better quality of life in homes and in our community.

The Trust aims to provide additional avenues for the prevention and treatment of health and social difficulties which may affect all members of our community and to develop better ways for people to have easier access to this assistance