Maniapoto Training Agency (MTA)

The Education and Training Services was recognised officially in February 1991 as the Maniapoto Training Agency and is registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority as a Private Training Establishment pursuant to the 1990 Education Amendment Act.

Accreditation by New Zealand Qualifications Authority was completed on 10 November 1992 and has continued to be renewed .  A full review and extension of accreditation was completed in February 2009.  A copy of the Audit Report is available on th NZQA web site. The next Accreditation Audit is set down for February 2012.
Role of Maniapoto Training Agency
The main aim of the Training Agency is to provide education and training for those people who have been less successful and who may not have lived up the expectations of our traditional New Zealand Education System.

The Training Agency endeavours to provide quality vocational training for our less successful academic achievers, who would often be denied the opportunity to go onto higher education or training.

The Training Agency understands and promotes the idea that the acquisition of knowledge and skills is fundamental to the progressive development of the person and the industry they have chosen to work in.  We recognise people who have varying levels of ability to absorb, retain and practice the skills that they are taught; and  the training has been designed and development to take into consideration these individual requirements.

The Training Agency serves the needs of the community by providing a learning environment for those who wish to further development their skills.  We ensure course participants emerge with the knowledge and skills they require to obtain meaningful employment and achieve a level of personal development consistent with each individual's aspirations and goals.

The Training Agency supports the requirements placed upon it by the Treaty of Waitangi and will make every effort to promote the interests of its Maori students.

The Training Agency requires staff to be well qualified, motivated, high performers and of integrity.  To ensure objectives are met, appropriate training and staff development will be given so as to be able to achieve the best use of individual staff talent and potential.