Maniapoto Trades and Services
In 1997 a small contracting operation was established by the Trust.  This was a co-operative venture between the Trust and a group of graduates who had completed vocational training programmes with the Maniapoto Training Agency.

The Trust was responsible for securing and managing contracts to complete various forestry and farming operations and the graduates (contracting crew) completed the work on a full-time employee basis.

The service has continued to grow steadily and provide rewarding employment opportunities for many ex Maniapoto Training Agency students.

If you are interested in using this labour pool contact Dennis Astle (Maniapoto Trades and Services Manager) for a competitive quote or to discuss the job you have in mind.

The Trust has developed it's own Farming and Forestry enterprises which are also managed under the umbrella of MTS. All surplus income generated from the Maniapoto Trades and Services division is channelled back into  the charitable work the Trust is involved in. This creative Iwi co-operative approach is providing opportunities to retain our local rangatahi talent in Maniapoto, while at the same time build the capacity and capability of our organiation so that  we can better support whanau accross their social and cultural needs. A genuine Manipoto Iwi Co-operative involving Maniapoto whanau working collectively for there own sustainable well-being and future prosperity is the long term vision of the Trust.