Trust Adminstration

Set up primarily to support the three divisions, the administration services provide support to the executive, management, and operational areas of the Trust to ensure it is sustainable, accountable, and profitable. 

Its purpose is to monitor the functional areas of the Trust and its environment, to provide quality informational reports from which rational decisions can be made and justified.

These areas include finance, property management, office management, Board of Trustees, human resources, policy making and strategic and business planning.

Operation & Legal Status

In 1980 ngā Marae o Maniapoto collaborated to form the Trust (Charitable) to support and assist our whānau to flourish and to realise their potential.


To ensure the timely and accurate processing of payments, we kindly ask that all invoices and accounts payable details be sent directly to our Accounts Payable Team.

Ngāti Maniapoto Marae Pact Trust